digital amp meter

Digital amp display for motor load

Today we installed a digital amp meter display at a local animal feed processing facility. The customer has a motor driving a conveyor in a location not visible by eye. The motor is run with a standard contactor, so there is not a way to monitor the load on the motor. We placed a CT […]

Outlook Contacts

Outlook classic contacts view

This is a public service post, addressing an issue in newer versions of Outlook, and this has resolved it for us, so we want to share it. In newer versions of Outlook, clicking on a contact will open with a reduced view of the contact, showing only a few of the main details. To enable […]

potentiometer screw terminals

22mm Industrial Potentiometer VFD Control

We would like to show you a nice solution for an industrial potentiometer, AKA “Speed Pot”, to use for controls systems, especially for controlling the speed for Variable Frequency Drives. Typically, users would install a standard panel mount potentiometer, such as this one. This solution works fine, however, many potentiometers do not fit into standard […]


Rollformer PLC Controls Repair

We are pleased to have provided troubleshooting and upgrade assistance to a local mfg. of roll formed sheet metal products. We received a call that their main roll forming machine was down, and needed attention immediately. We arrived at the plant and soon noticed that the PLC in the control cabinet was not communicating with […]

Industrial Network

Connecting Industrial Machines To Plant Network

In the automation world, we have been getting more involved in the industrial networking side of things, specifically connecting PLC controlled machines to the office network. Traditionally industrial networking has been very expensive and cumbersome in order to get data from the office environment to the production machines on the plant floor. This data is […]

Hydraulic Lift Pendant Control

Today we finished a controls project for a paint line at a major semi-trailer mfg. The panels are simple, a 24vdc power supply, and a hand held pendant with UP/DOWN buttons to control hydraulic valve solenoids.

Wood Grinder PLC Troubleshoot

Today’s’ project…..troubleshooting an Allen Bradley PLC on an industrial wood chip grinder at a wooden pallet mfg. facility. The PLC had a faulty output, which we were able to re-assign to an unused output on the PLC using RS Logix 500, and get the customer back in production.