Animate your 3D CAD Models

We can bring your 3D CAD models to life! Ask us about animating your designs for demonstrations, user interaction, assembly instructions, etc.! We can provide a movie file of the animation for your website! View the sample animation below.

Cscape – HS Control and Motion Software Release

HS Motion Launches Unified Control & Motion Software Cscape – HS Control and Motion Software now available online HS Motion Group, an alliance between Horner Automation Group and Servotronix Motion Control, announce today the launch of the innovative all-in-one control and motion software – Cscape – HS and the HS Motion suite product line offering. […]

Master Zone Counter system for parking facilities

August, 2013 – CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of the new Master Zone Counter system for parking facilities. The Master Zone Counter (MZC) is a standalone controller that keeps track of the number of available parking spaces in different zones of parking facilities. Sensors, mounted at entry and exit points of each […]

Data transfers up to 10 gigabits per second with CAT6A

Contact us today about installing this industrial grade networking cable for your automation needs. Future-proof your network with Phoenix Contacts’s CAT6A cables and connectors and give yourself the ability to transfer data at up to 10 Gigabits per second across a maximum distance of 100 meters. These products provide outstanding performance for demanding high bandwith […]

Horner Automation Group Releases Cscape 9.40

Cscape 9.40 Now Available Online Horner Automation Group releases its latest version of Cscape software – version 9.40.  With new features and enhancements, Cscape 9.40 offers a variety of product improvements and seamlessly integrates with Horner Automation Groups’ latest hardware announcements. Who should download Cscape 9.40? If you are an end user and are new […]

OCS Cable Pinout

Wiring Diagram for Programming Cable for Horner OCS serial connection