EXOR HMI Upgrade

Exor HMI Upgrade

Exor HMI Upgrade

Customer states that Exor UniOP HMI is not working on a bandsaw blade leveler. Customer states that HMI is constantly cycling power. The HMI is no longer made, and there is not an upgrade path from the manufacturer. The HMI is connected to Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC. We had the software for the old HMI, and extracted the program. We decided to use a new HMI from LSIS for the upgrade.

HMI Software

We used two computers side by side, one with the old Exor software, and one with the new LSIS HMI software. The old program consisted mainly of custom bitmap images. We exported the images one by one and imported the images into the new HMI software.


Leveler HMI Exor Upgrade

We had a new bezel made from aluminum for the new HMI, image is of the LSIS HMI running on the machine, with a trend graph charting analog input on the PLC.


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