Horner PLC, PID control

Industrial Pressure Washer Control

This is a small project we did to control an industrial hot water pressure washer at a meat processing facility.

We installed a Horner APG PLC/HMI to use as the front end, and also to provide PID control for constant pressure.

The PLC was wired to a pressure transducer to sense the line pressure.

The customer had purchased an ABB VFD to use to run the pump motor.

We installed the PLC, wrote the program and connected to the existing wiring in the panel,as well as run new wiring.

Using the screen on the Horner PLC, the customer can set the pressure desired, and the PLC will operate the VFD to keep constant pressure on the hot water line in the plant.

Industrial Pressure Washer

Industrial Pressure Washer, with pressure transducer installed to connect to the PLC


Horner PLC, PID control

Horner PLC, PID control


PID Settings

PID Settings

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