Control Panel Build

Automated Cut-To-Length Control

This is a documentation of an automated control system we designed, built, and installed for an automated saw machine. The machine was built by a local tool and die shop, and was installed for production at a wood window and door factory.

We were commissioned to build the control system by the tool and die shop. We purchased the control panel enclosure, and the items needed for the control, which included, variable speed drives, servo drives, motor starters, safety controls, a PLC and HMI, among many other components.

We began by developing a full electrical schematic drawing, which included several pages of line drawings of the control circuit.

electrical diagram

After the control diagram was finished, we began building the control panel, and connecting the wires according to the control schematic.

Control Panel Build

Control Panel Build

There was Ethernet communications for the PLC and servo drives, and also Modbus485 serial communications for the variable speed drives.



We then wired the I/O on the PLC, and developed the HMI screens

PLC wiring

PLC wiring

Once the control panel and components were assembled and wired, we delivered the system to the shop where the machine was being built, and installed the control panel on the machine frame. We connected the external control components to the panel, and verified that all worked correctly. There was also a PC based computer as part of the control system, running a custom .NET program for connection to the plant network

Industrial Machine control

Industrial control system



  1. Just wanted to know if your company will retrofit a Hendrick Model DP330 Table Panel Saw.

    If so, are you willing to travel to the Caribbean to perform the job. Our Panel Saw is complete and was a working until the PLC controller lost its programming and the company sent us one that will not work. Needless to say they will not give us more support for our model. It would be a matter of changing the control system for a newer one and getting the motors to run on command again.

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