Send by email button for Google Chrome browser

Add “send link by email” button to Google Chrome

Are you missing the context option, or button to send a link by email in Google Chrome? Coming from Firefox, this was one of the features that I have missed the most. There are a few extensions that you can install to add this function, but thankfully, there is a very simple way to do this!!! No need for special add-in, bookmarks, etc….a few clicks and done!

Edit: for using this hack with webmail such as Gmail, see bottom of post for link with instructions


Step 1) First, go to Settings in Google Chrome, click on the three bars in top right corner


Screenshot - 1_9_2015 , 2_15_04 PM


Step 2) Click on “Settings”

Screenshot - 1_9_2015 , 12_00_13 PM


Step 3) In the settings window, under Appearance, check the box for “Show Home Button”

Screenshot - 1_9_2015 , 12_02_08 PM


Step 4) Click “Change”

Screenshot - 1_9_2015 , 12_04_05 PM


Step 5) Select the radio button for “Open this page:” and copy this text into the box:



Screenshot - 1_9_2015 , 12_05_15 PM


Click “OK” and exit the settings. Done! Now you have a home button in your top toolbar that will function as a button to send a link with your default email client. Try it! ๐Ÿ™‚


Screenshot - 1_9_2015 , 12_07_44 PM


Thanks to for the inspiration for this idea:


Thanks toย Chainsaw on a Tire Swingย for instructions how to make this work with webmail services


  1. The “Home” button that it created, it doesn’t open to my email/default email. Maybe I have to set up the default email in the settings? The “Home” button just wipes out the current page and gives me a fresh google home page. Can you please help?

    • It does work, please follow the five steps in the post, there are a few changes in the settings for Chrome Browser, it is very simple.

      Pay attention to step 5, sounds like you missed that step. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You can only send the URL of pages that are allowed to use Java.
    If you have turned off Java by default (like me), then the button will not work unless you allow Java on that page.

  3. I completed just as directed but nothing happens when I use the “home” button. Not sure if I have Java enabled or not? Can you help?

    • Hello, the article was posted as FYI….I’m not able to help with technical issues, sorry. It works great for me, you may have a simple setting to change, etc…look it up on Google, there are other sites that have info on this, thx

  4. Ok, the quotes were also automatically changed in my comment. So use the following more fail-safe code snippet:


  5. Totally, Florian, Thanks!


    NOT the code in the article!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. A required app for work forced me to abandon IE and go to Chrome and I’ve SO missed this function. I never used the home button so your solution was quick to do and works great. Thanks

  7. your suggestions didn’t work. I followed them closely but when you say click OK there is no place on Chrome with that OK. what gives?

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