Horner Automation Group Launches Cscape 9.50!


INDIANAPOLIS (1-21-14) – Horner Automation Group announces the launch of its latest and most advanced Cscape to date—version 9.5.  With Cscape 9.5, Horner includes a variety of features, enhancing the programming environment and user experience. Adding Tag Based Advanced Ladder Logic offers an alternate way to program controllers using tagged variables, such as “Pump_Operation,” rather than a fixed register in the target device.

“Tag Based editing allows for clearer coding and ease of use for a variety of different experience levels. When using variables while programming with Tag Editing it’s more difficult to accidentally overlap registers, cutting down significant causes of programming errors,” says Eric Broyer, Global Product Manager for Horner Automation Group.

Along with adding Tag Based editing, Cscape 9.5 includes advancements in graphics control and functionality including: background and button gradations on 15-bit or higher color units, smoother gradient transitions on Horner’s powerful all-in-one controllers that support 24-bit color, and bitmap transparency functionality.

Data logging receives an upgrade as well, both visually on-screen and functionally. Now Historical data trending tracks data over time, and trending objects can be set to log-to and replay-from a removable media device.

In addition to the many new benefits, Cscape 9.5 supports PID Tuning for IEC environments. Now, the programmer has the capability to open a pop-up window tool that will tune a PID loop in IEC programs.

About Horner Automation Group:

Horner Automation Group, a subsidiary of Horner Electric specializes in the global automation market, serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), integrators and end-users from various industries. Being the leader in providing all-in-one control, Horner Automation Group offers the widest range of integrated control products in the world.

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