Lyco Wausau Inc., Stainless Steel Vacuum Pumps

We are pleased to be of service to Lyco Wausau Inc., a local OEM of stainless steel vacuum pumps. Lyco Wausau is a quality manufacturer of stainless steel vacuum pumps for food processing, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and various air and liquid transfer applications. We recommend Lyco Wausau as a local, American Made source for quality vacuum pumps and related equipment.

Some of the advantages of choosing Lyco Wausau for your next vacuum pump application include:

  • Quick turn around that typically takes only one to two weeks from purchase order to shipment. Most pumps and spare parts are in stock and ready to go.
  • Many motor options offered to help meet performance and budget requirements.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that when a Lyco Wausau pump arrives it performs perfectly because every pump is fully tested for several hours before shipping.
  • Long term reliability, with 316L stainless steel as standard material for the rotor, cylinder body, porting cover and shaft—and all Lyco Wausau pumps operate at 1750 RPMs for longer seal life. With proper maintenance, your Lyco Wausau stainless steel pumps can last a lifetime.
  • Lyco Wausau stainless steel pumps are among the easiest in the industry to field repair.

Contact Lyco Wausau to find a perfect solution to your vacuum pump needs:

Mailing address:
Lyco Wausau, Inc.
P.O. Box 2022
Wausau, WI 54401-2022
Phone: 715-845-7867 (PUMP)
Fax: 715-842-8228 (VACU)
Contact Lyco Wausau, Request a Quote

Factory Address:
Lyco Wausau, Inc.
E16631 Hickory Lane
Ringle, WI 54471


Duplex Vacuum Pump

Duplex Vacuum Pump

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