Industrial Network

Connecting Industrial Machines To Plant Network

In the automation world, we have been getting more involved in the industrial networking side of things, specifically connecting PLC controlled machines to the office network.

Traditionally industrial networking has been very expensive and cumbersome in order to get data from the office environment to the production machines on the plant floor. This data is used for production quota transfer, cutting lists, recipe updates, production tracking, and many other uses.

Normally the data transfer is accomplished with expensive server software, specially tailored for each brand of PLC controller, such as Allen Bradley, Omron, ABB, etc.

We are please to offer our custom solution, programmed in-house to connect PLC’s to the office network, using a variety of protocols, inclusing FTP, HTTP, SQL, etc.

We start by installing any needed hardware on the machine:

production monitoring

Then we look at how the operator will interface with the controls, normally accomplished by installing a PC based control on the machine with keyboard. mouse and monitor, or touchscreen:

PC based industrial control

We then provide a custom operator interface application designed for your specific operation:

operator interface

Contact us today to inquire about this very useful control interface solution for connecting industrial mfg equipment to the plant network.

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