Vacuum Pump Controls

Vacuum Pump Controls

Industrial Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump Contols We recently finished a small control panel for a local OEM of stainless steel vacuum pumps. The pump is mounted on a stainless steel frame, along with associated valves and wiring. We provided the Allen Bradley controls, including the PLC, HMI, Variable Speed Drive, and programming services. The 3 […]


Horner Automation Group Launches Cscape 9.50!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INDIANAPOLIS (1-21-14) – Horner Automation Group announces the launch of its latest and most advanced Cscape to date—version 9.5.  With Cscape 9.5, Horner includes a variety of features, enhancing the programming environment and user experience. Adding Tag Based Advanced Ladder Logic offers an alternate way to program controllers using tagged variables, such […]


File Sync Service Installed

We are glad to announce that we now have our own cloud service up and running online. We have installed OwnCloud on our website, this gives us the capability to keep project files in sync with our clients. The connection is secured through an SSL certificate and a secure web portal with HTTPS.  

Boiler Controls, Biomass Chip Burner

This is a picture of a control system we designed for a biomass wood chip burner. The wood chips are fed by auger from a storage bin to the boiler. We built this control system to operate the auger feed motor, the main and auxiliary draft blower motors, and solenoids. The two main motors are […]

Animate your 3D CAD Models

We can bring your 3D CAD models to life! Ask us about animating your designs for demonstrations, user interaction, assembly instructions, etc.! We can provide a movie file of the animation for your website! View the sample animation below.

Cscape – HS Control and Motion Software Release

HS Motion Launches Unified Control & Motion Software Cscape – HS Control and Motion Software now available online HS Motion Group, an alliance between Horner Automation Group and Servotronix Motion Control, announce today the launch of the innovative all-in-one control and motion software – Cscape – HS and the HS Motion suite product line offering. […]

Master Zone Counter system for parking facilities

August, 2013 – CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of the new Master Zone Counter system for parking facilities. The Master Zone Counter (MZC) is a standalone controller that keeps track of the number of available parking spaces in different zones of parking facilities. Sensors, mounted at entry and exit points of each […]

Data transfers up to 10 gigabits per second with CAT6A

Contact us today about installing this industrial grade networking cable for your automation needs. Future-proof your network with Phoenix Contacts’s CAT6A cables and connectors and give yourself the ability to transfer data at up to 10 Gigabits per second across a maximum distance of 100 meters. These products provide outstanding performance for demanding high bandwith […]