…reliable source of unbiased information…

I have worked with Caleb in my position as System/Network administrator for Lincoln Wood Products on several projects involving our floor machines.  Caleb has shown himself to be invaluable in not only helping us maintain old equipment which has fallen out of service with the manufacturers (or the manufacturers no longer exist, which can be the case more often than not) he’s also done full PLC rebuilds on some of these machines bringing new life to them.  As I’ve worked with Caleb over the last 6 years I’ve come to know him as a reliable source of unbiased information and he’s not tied to any particular PLC logic or brand.  Caleb was always willing to adjust to accommodate our needs which has been crucial to our drive to keep equipment costs down.  I recommend Caleb and Genesis Technologies without any reservations for any of your machine computing needs.  July 8, 2013

Michael Vincent, System Administrator